Health, money etc.


Malaria - the risk of malaria infection in the Philippines is small. Malaria Pellets can be purchased from home, but unless you have planned a trip to the remotest regions of the Philippines are malaria pills not necessary. Make sure you have received a tetanus vaccination within the past ten years. It is recommended in any case, that you talk with your doctor in good time before departure.

Money/Creditcards/Mobile Phones/Internet

Best currency to bring is US Dollars or Euro – This you can change most of the places in Philippines. There are ATM machines that will accept various bank cards with a maximum transaction of Php 10.000. We suggest that you change money in the airport on arrival in the Philippines. At Chindonan Island Resort you can use Visa/Mastercard. Mobile phones - If you need to get in touch with somebody by phone - buy a local SIM card for Php 150 and put it in your mobile phone - it will be much cheaper to make calls or text messages to the whole world, just make sure your phone has an “Open Line”.                                    Internet - At Chindonan Island Resort you are able to go on the Internet. Most of the time the signal is okay and the best way, is to use your phone on Bluetooth or ask in the Resort for connection. - Back