The Philippines

With 7107 islands the Philippines is the 2nd biggest insular state of the world. From north to south it ranges over a length of 1850 km and it is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the South Sea of China. To relax you will find a wide range of islands with palm-lined sandy beaches. Still under the influence of Spanish colonization period, the Catholic Church is dominating the country. Christmas and Eastern are the national celebration days. More than 90% of the population are faithful Christians, 6% are Moslems. Most of them live on the southern islands. The Philippines offer a lot of cultural contrasts. The American followed the Spanish influence. Even the “cultural good” the “Jeepnies”, colorful and decorated collective taxis are build on the body of American Jeeps. Most of the social and friendly Philippians speak English very well.

The scenery of the Philippines varies a lot. You will find a wide range – from volcanic landscapes up to tropical rainforests. A rich flora and fauna and beautiful coral reefs waiting to be discovered by the visitors. In the Philippines you can appreciate either the beach life in a wonderful resort or the calmness of an isolated bay.

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