Kenneth + Verner - DK 

Dear all at Chindonan,

Thanks for the BEST holiday!- I have enjoyed it fully.

It was great to see what this piece of land "Chindonan" could become, when YOU 3 go off on a deserted island! - Great job you made on all fronts ... - Fingers crossed for your future, and thank you again for a wonderful 5-week vacation on Chindonan, together with you!!!

Many loving greetings from Kenneth - Denmark

Dear Per, Lona & Per + Staff

Thank you for 5 beautiful weeks with a fantastic nature -  swim around in corals full of fish in all colors and sizes + sea-snakes, seahorses and turtles... - At the same time thanks for your good company, hospitality and your wonderful and talented staff. Looking forward to come back soon!

Thanks to all with hugs and kisses from Verner – Denmark