Celine - FR

It is about time to leave… Do not really want to!!!

I will get beautiful memories – probably the best since I started to travel all around Asia. It has been such a wonderful holidays – EVERYTHING make my stay unforgettable.

1st: Per & Lona – Thank you so much for all your time. Warm welcome – lovely discussion – You two represent a real source of inspiration.

After: Food, beautiful rooms, very nice staff & drinkable water!!! – Your Resort gather everything needed to have Paradisiac holidays – It will be hard to find better.

So, the only bad things is that I am afraid to become unsatisfied in my next holidays… - Smile!!! - I will do my best to be back (with as much cheese I will be able to carry).

Thanks again for everything & congratulation, - your Resort is just what people are looking for – simplicity comfort and love…

All the best - take care! Celine – French/living in Hongkong      Back