Anna & Jim - UK

After arriving in Coron Town we were a little shocked to say the least – our trip to paradise did not look too promising – We frantically searched for an Island paradise get away and were given “Chindonan”-brochure. The lore of a reef on your doorstep was so inviting – we called Lona that night and she arranged a boat to pick us up early the next morning – we were saved!

When we arrived, the Resort was as perfect as we had hoped, a beautiful setting that blended with the nature as well.

Per & Lona are wonderful hosts with a passion for this area, full of information and helpfulness.

The reef is AMAZING, we saw seahorses and so many fish – better than diving! We also went snorkeling to a wreck near the surface – no need to dive, just relax and snokel…

The food is fantastic, fresh, tasty and perfect cocked – The rooms are beautiful, spacious and very clean.

This was the paradise we were looking for and we found it here!!!

Thank you so much! - Anna & Jim, London, UK                  Back